HMD Consulting-Coaching Management-Engineering

Examples of consulting and coaching

  • Technical training und coaching for managers, especially for project managers, project engineers and installation supervisors
  • Training und coaching for/before international assignment of technicians like project managers, technical administrators, installation supervisors, especially for India, Venezuela, Japan, Iran and also for Germany, Great Britain North America, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy
  • Training dealing with international clients and requirements in acquisition
  • Consulting and coaching in terms of EN/ISO audits and certification
  • Organisation / presentation of project kick-off meetings, project conclusion, lessons learned, specification analyses, project reviews
  • Company-,department- and project analysis regarding the strategic development in companies and for process optimisation as well as efficiency enhancement
  • Location analyses, collection of information on market development concerning usable outputs of completed projects
  • Support and coaching regarding the establishment of new departments up to new business areas within a company including job engineering
  • Conflict mediation within the company or with clients and partners
  • Team-building workshops for individual departments and / or project groups
  • Proofreading of diploma theses and dissertations

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